Is Your Perth Business Secure

One of the most important considerations in owning and running a business nowadays is business security. No one wants to get that call from the police saying there has been a break-in, fire, or vandalism. There are a number of steps business owners can take to make their businesses more secure and safe for employees and customers alike. One of the first things to consider for building security is purchasing a good Commercial Security system. This is not enough, though. Other steps should be taken to increase business security.


Training employees For SecurityBurglar-Break-in-1

  • Emergency procedures should be planned and then the staff should receive training to implement and take advantage of them. Everyone should know where all the building exits are located. Everyone should know how to operate the security alarm systems and locks. Where are the fire alarms and fire extinguishers?
  • There should be floor plans posted showing locations of safety equipment and exits. These floorplans could also be handed out to staff.
  • All staff should have access to forms to fill out for incident, safety, and maintenance concerns. These forms should be reviewed on a regular basis to prevent future problems.
  • Access to stocks, cash and valuables should be limited. Systems should be in place for cash control, late night retail procedures, safe locations and access and employee safety measures. How can an employee in danger get help fast?
  • Though it might be inconvenient, all combinations, passwords, and codes for on-site systems and computers should be changed regularly.

Secure the Business Perimeters

  • Secure access to power and phone lines so they are not easily found and disabled. Meter boxes and gates should be secured with locks. Lighting should be installed to improve visibility at night for employees or the police. Timers on lights and motion detectors can help discourage would-be burglars.
  • Is the building itself secure with grills and locks on windows and strong doors with locks? Walking around the building to make sure there are no easy points of entry for thieves or vandals is a good policy.Monitored-security-perth


The business owner should invest in Sprinkler systems and smoke alarms in case of fire. These should all meet Australian standards. A Perth Commercial Security company should be engaged to install an effective security system with cameras, alarms, and all other features that will help increase security. A good security analyst can walk the building and grounds with a business owner to formulate a plan to increase security. For additional information, visit the website.